Depth Charge Twin Ganged Assist

Cape Tackle

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These are 100% Aussie made in house by us with assists that we assembly ourselves.

These come rigged with heavy duty Twin Ganged Swiveled Assist in either 4/0 or 6/0 deep V hooks.

The Depth Charge's head shape allows it to track through the water easier as it creates less 'wobble' which means you can you use a lighter jig and not be constantly letting out line to keep it in the strike zone.

Best fished with a strip of fresh bait.

Random, yet proven, colour skirt and head combination.

Custom configurations by arrangement. Various hook sizes, skirt colours, head weights and head colours available. Please get in contact before ordering if there is something special you want made.

Price is for 1 (one) jig.

  • 2oz = 57g
  • 4oz = 113g
  • 6oz = 170g