Depth Charge

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These proven baited jigs have accounted for stacks of great fish and many happy customers!!!

Depth Charge heads are Aussie made in house by us! We mold, paint, glue eyes, attach assists and then package all by hand and by us for you!

The Depth Charge's head shape allows it to track through the water easier as it creates less 'wobble' which means you can you use a lighter jig and not be constantly letting out line to keep it in the strike zone.

Both skirts glow and have a bit of extra flash to bring those fish in.

Best fished with a strip of fresh bait.

Price is for 1 (one) jig.

  • 4oz = 113g
  • 6oz = 170g
  • 8oz = 227g
  • 10oz = 283g
  • 12oz = 340g